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Violence Against Women + Children Support

We support over 350 women and their children each year

Through our violence against women and girls (VAWG) projects the Angelou Centre works with women who have experienced domestic/sexual violence often in addition to immigration abuse, harmful practices such as FGM, sexual exploitation, forced marriage, trafficking and HBV/A perpetrated through varying cultural and social lenses by intimate partners, family members and or community members. The communities that the Angelou Centre supports also face multiple intersecting barriers, often have the lowest socio-economic outcomes in the North East, are destitute and homeless, or living in unstable or unsafe housing without support networks. In addition, we support migrant women who also have complex immigration issues, no recourse to public funds, face racial discrimination and harassment, hate crime and economic exploitation.

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The Angelou Centre annually supports over 350 women and their children directly through our specialist advocacy (IDVA, ISVA, Outreach) and refuge accommodation services – and over 200 through our wider recovery programmes, training and counselling. The Angelou Centre also directly supports 150 children and young survivors of violence and abuse each year.  Of the 700 black and minoritised survivors of abuse that the Angelou Centre supports over 60% of women and children will have uncertain/unknown immigration status or no recourse to public funds at the point of initial contact.

Advice, Advocacy and Accommodation: 

To make a referral for violence against women and children services, including advocacy and refuge support please email:


You can also ring our Angelou Centre number if you have any queries of would like to access our NRPF Helpline: 0191 2260394