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Impact + Testimony

Long-lasting positive impact on the lives of women and children

The Angelou Centre’s most significant achievement over the last three decades has been its long lasting positive impact on women and children’s lives. Our values and vision have driven a truly black feminist agenda of change with our services supporting women into social and economic independence by holistically addressing the wide ranging and multiple barriers that she may face in her journey to safety, stability and independence.

By tackling the root cause of social injustice whilst meeting the specific needs of each woman and child at an individual level the organisation has developed ways of working that prioritise long term support pathways over short term ‘fixes’. This means that our work is intersectional, complex and multifaceted, but its impact is far-reaching and sustained.

Our Women’s Voices group plays a central part in the development but also the ongoing evaluation of our services, encouraging a feedback loop within the organisation that has guided our more recent developments such as the refuge. By continuing to centralise the voices of women and children in our work at every level we are able to ascertain and evidence the direct impact we have on lives, whilst always being open to constructive critique and change within the organisation.

In 2020...


Children’s Testimonies


They (a national local authority) told me that I had to go back to a country I could have been murdered in, they didn’t ask me about the abuse, they didn’t care. They bought me a ticket to a place in Europe I was not from, putting me and my children and my sisters in danger. They told me that me and all my children had to be abused because they wouldn’t give us protection and didn’t believe me…when you saw my children’s behaviour-they were terrified they cried all day and night, they went through so much abuse themselves. But they ignored it and then told me if I didn’t do what they wanted, me and my children were on the streets. Then they threatened to take my children from me if I didn’t move to another country- I had no choices, either lose my children or me and my children would face danger in another country. If the Angelou Centre had not fought for my rights, given us a roof over our heads, given us food, given us safety, given us money, where would I be?... But Angelou Centre refuge gave me and my children so much more, they were kind and caring- we have friends and support, we have a life, I’ve started training, my children have their own support worker, there is no place like this home.