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About us

specialist support for black and minoritised women + girls

The Angelou Centre is one of the few surviving black-led women’s organisations in the North East, having been in operation for 29 years, and is now recognized nationally as a specialist community organisation and training provider working predominantly with the most excluded communities of women in the North East. Critically, the Angelou Centre provides a specialist integrative programme of support for black and minoritised women and children who have been subject to domestic and sexual violence, face multiple forms of discrimination and often have associative recovery needs. 

What we offer

The Angelou Centre’s holistic Violence Against Women and Girls’ services comprise of refuge accommodation (including provision for women without recourse to funds), specialist advocacy, outreach, therapeutic support, and recovery programmes for survivors. 

All Angelou Centre projects are developed in consultation with our service users who are supported by a highly qualified and well-trained team of multilingual and culturally diverse staff and volunteers. Our passion and commitment to advancing the economic and social independence of black and minority women and children in the North East has enabled us to establish and develop an organisation that addresses the wide- ranging needs of our beneficiaries. 

Refuge accommodation

Specialist advocacy


Therapeutic support

Recovery programmes for survivors



You helped me when it mattered the most. You assisted me with my immigration, council issues, dealing with social services, parenting sessions and family law solicitors. You reached out to me during the pandemic. Your organisation has built my confidence at a time when I was most vulnerable. Your words of comfort and assurance calmed my nerves when uncertainty was staring me in the face.