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All of our services are still operational all of our services are now back onsite and we are working from our organisation’s premises.  We will continue to follow public health advice should a future outbreak occur.  Group activities, training and advocacy is also back onsite at the Angelou, and we are safely conducting face to face appointments.

Throughout the pandemic we consulted with and listened to our service users, sister organisations and staff while managing the rapid changes of both national and local government guidance, ensuring the safety of all remain paramount.


Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the black and minoritised women and children we support, particularly the women and children we work with who:

  • Have no recourse to public funds;
  • Are survivors of domestic and sexual violence;
  • Live in insecure or unsafe accommodation;
  • Have underlying health/mental health conditions;
  • Are elderly and isolated;
  • Have disabilities or learning differences.


The toll that this virus has taken on the wellbeing, socio-economic stability and safety of black and minority women is immense. Please be reassured that the Angelou Centre continues to provide vital support services as we recognise that our response to this pandemic includes long term support.


We will continue to monitor the situation regularly and will let you know if our plans change in line with national public health guidance. We thank you for your co-operation, understanding and support