Support for Survivors of Violence and Abuse

We provide a comprehensive, holistic model of support for BME women, children and young survivors of domestic and sexual violence. We offer culturally and linguistically diverse advice, information and advocacy through case work; group support for women (Saheli) and children (Simba) as well as therapeutic care, parenting support, recovery training, group activities and counselling for women and children.

Given that domestic violence is one of the most significant issues that impacts on women’s social and economic situations, it is not surprising that this is an area of work that we have been consistently involved in. Staff and Management have wide-ranging knowledge and extensive experience of violence and abuse in cross-cultural contexts and developing services for BME women survivors of domestic and sexual abuse.

The Angelou Centre provides a range of holistic, complimentary, culturally and linguistically competent wrap-around advice, advocacy, counselling and support services to enhance lives (survival), safety and development of BAME survivors of domestic violence. This ‘wrap around’ support that is survivor led and has been developed in partnership with a wide range of relevant statutory and voluntary agencies also addresses related problems of homelessness, poverty, mental health, insecure immigration status and empowers women and children to rebuild their lives free from violence and abuse.IMG_2829

The Issues that we work with include: FGM, Forced Marriage, so called ‘honour based violence’, Sexual Abuse and Exploitation, Domestic Violence Domestic Slavery/Servitude, the impact of interfamily (sometimes called cousin or kinship marriage)/community control and monitoring of behaviour, life skills, parenting outside the extended family.

Parenting Training & Capacity Building
Violence & Abuse Recovery Programme for Women: Surviving to Thriving
Domestic and Sexual Abuse Training for professionals and agencies
Ending Violence Against Women & Girls in the North East

Angelou Centre Survivors Charter:

The Angelou Centre’s domestic and sexual abuse services are informed and developed by BME women survivors. From this work the first UK BME women’s survivors charter has been developed to help better inform statutory services and services that support BME women and to ensure that BME women’s voices remain central to the development and deployment of domestic and sexual services.

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Holistic Support: The Unique Angelou Centre Model

Our team of highly experienced IDVAs, Child and Adult Psychotherapists and specialist advocates recognise the need for a holistic approach to the women and their children who are attempting to break free of violence and abuse and the often very strong cultural and family ties. We offer in- depth work of a holistic nature based on a personal plan, tailor made to the individual woman and/or her children. Find out more here.