Over 25 Years of Empowering Black & Minoritised Women to Empower Themselves!

Wellbeing and Inclusion

“I love the parties and the trips for me and my children, they wouldn’t get to make friends and do exciting things like go to the zoo and big museums, on big buses, have picnics, go to the seaside, go to big parties at Christmas and Eid…my children and me have friends here (the Angelou Centre) before we came here I was scared to trust people, I wasn’t allowed to go out by myself… we feel safe around other mothers and children and the staff here. At other refugee and family projects I’ve felt rejected as a single mother because this isn’t accepted in my culture and didn’t feel safe around the men there because of my experiences.”

Black and minoritised women and children continue to be isolated, excluded and discriminated against due to barriers of race and gender which impacts on their wellbeing. Providing culturally appropriate activities and access to a women-only safe and supportive environment is a crucial part of the services we offer. Most of our projects include an element of social or creative activity and we hold activities and events across the region, often in partnership with smaller women’s organisations. 

In the past year the Centre engaged over 350 women and children in celebration events, social activities, cultural trips, and activities via the Saheli & Simba Networks. A further 140 women have engaged in the following wellbeing group activities.

The inclusion of wellbeing, social and creative activities as a core component of the Angelou Centre’s holistic model of care and support both serves to fully support women and children who are often socially and politically excluded, but this support also impacts positively upon the wellbeing of their families, relationships, sense of place and belonging as well as their civic connectedness and social contribution.

Voice & Choice

Service users are central to the development of the Centre’s projects and activities. The partnerships and networks we participate in are crucial to extending choice and amplifying the voices of the women and children we work with.  Peer mentoring and support is vital in developing and extending support and services to women. Women’s Champions are also engaged, alongside staff and volunteers, in addressing the systemic inequality and discrimination that many black and minority women and survivors face through social justice campaigning, national work, conferences, seminars and wider professional training.

‘Being involved in marches and in having a voice has lit my fire! I feel for the first time since I came out of abuse that I have power and that I can use my experiences to empower and support other women and children who have gone through this hell.”
'I love the activities at the Angelou Centre as they involve everyone's idea. I can talk to the Angelou Centre anytime about my issues and they make sure they keep it confidential and not spread to other people. The Angelou Centre have always been very supportive, and I feel I have been listened to.'
“Going to London and being part of the campaign (Migrant Women Step Up) to try and raise awareness of how women like me are affected by having no recourse to funds was so important to me...I never thought I would be here 9 months ago when I came to the refuge I was homeless and destitute now I have my own flat I am working I have a job…back then he told me I would rot and have nothing ever.”

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