Over 25 Years of Empowering Black & Minoritised Women to Empower Themselves!

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About the Angelou Centre

The Angelou Centre is one of the few surviving black-led women’s organisations in the North East, having been in operation for over 25 years, and is now recognized nationally as a specialist community organisation and training provider working predominantly with the most excluded communities of women in the North East. Critically, the Angelou Centre provides a specialist integrative programme of support for black and minoritised women and children who have been subject to domestic and sexual violence, face multiple forms of discrimination and often have associative complex needs. The Angelou Centre’s holistic violence against women and girls’ services comprise of refuge accommodation (including provision for women without recourse to funds), specialist advocacy, outreach, therapeutic support and recovery programmes for survivors. 

All Angelou Centre projects are developed in consultation with our service users who are supported by a highly qualified and well-trained team of multilingual and culturally diverse staff and volunteers. Our passion and commitment to advancing the economic and social independence of black and minority women and children in the North East has enabled us to establish and develop an organisation that addresses the wide- ranging needs of our beneficiaries. 

Impact & Testimony

Vision and Values


Black and minority women and children from diverse communities in the North East achieve their full potential free from inequality, discrimination, violence and abuse.


The Angelou Centre is a specialist black-led feminist organisation advancing human rights, equality, inclusion, empowerment and independence of women and children from diverse communities by providing: advocacy, information and advice; training; social/recreational activities and events; accommodation and counselling and therapeutic support.

Strategic Aims

  • To develop projects and services facilitating black and minority women’s and children’s social and economic inclusion, safety and survival;
  • To build the capacity of black and minority women to fulfil their potential: economically, socially and politically;
  • To engage in strategic partnerships, networks and consortia to ensure access, progression, achievement, voice and choice for black and minoritised women in the North East.

Black Feminist Statement

The Angelou Centre defines itself as a black and minoritised-led feminist organisation. As a black and minoritised-led organisation we are managed and led by and for black and minoritised women and girls, including staff, management and trustees. As a black feminist organisation we are committed to addressing political, economic, social inequality and discrimination through an intersectional lens in order to effect structural and institutional change. Our work retains a critical eye on the intersecting oppression that black and minoritised women and girls face at personal, community and structural/institutional levels in order to ensure that the safety, representation and voice of black and minoritised women/womxn* and girls is central to the work we do. By specialist we determine that our services are primarily for black and minority women and girls.

The Angelou Centre uses the term ‘black’ and ‘black and minoritised’ (rather than BME, BAME, Refugee and BAMER) as way to historically connect the resistance and struggle of women of colour and migrant women that has been critical to the development of the black feminist movement and to create solidarity amongst black women and girls whilst recognizing diversity and difference in experience. We do so in order to combat the oppression and abuse that women and girls face due to their race and gender as well as other intersecting identities or protected characteristics such as disability, sexuality, learning differences and gender expression.

The Angelou Centre promotes social justice for black and minoritised women and girls that supports their development and recovery whilst addressing social inequality as well as structural and institutional discrimination. To this end the Angelou Centre’s approach to addressing Violence Against Black Women and Girls (VABWG) avoids a ‘generic’ or ‘single issue’ response and contextualizes VABWG within a historical, colonialist, socio economic and political framework, recognizing that VABWG also intersects with other forms of oppression and inequality.

*The Angelou Centre deploys a fully inclusive understanding of women/ womxn*: inclusive of natal/cis women, trans women, non-binary people, people outside of gender categorization, intersex people, two spirit people and other indigenous identifications that are non-cis-male, butch women and women who define themselves as ‘masculine;’ – this is not definitive and will be reviewed regularly )***

Black Lives Matter

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