Holistic Support: The Unique Angelou Centre Model

HolisticModelOur team of highly experienced IDVAs, Child and Adult Psychotherapists and specialist advocates recognise the need for a holistic approach to the women and their children who are attempting to break free of violence and abuse and the often very strong cultural and family ties. We offer in- depth work of a holistic nature based on a personal plan, tailor made to the individual woman and/or her children.

  • Independent Domestic Violence Advocacy – specialist CAADA trained BME IDVAS and trained Outreach Domestic Abuse workers provide advocacy and support to high-risk victims of domestic violence including forced marriage, honour based violence and exploitation.
  • Children’s Advocacy- this is in recognition of the need for children’s advocacy which is distinct from and does not conflict with support for the mother. Support is provided through Children’s Social Care and/or civil proceedings.
  • Parenting Support/Advocacy- ‘We have developed a bespoke Introduction to BME Parenting which is in the process of being accredited by NOCN. We also offer the nationally accredited Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities programme to develop skills and confidence for BME women and provide advocacy support for parents.
  • Specialist Counselling – for women by bilingual psychotherapists as well as specialist counselling for children and young people.
  • Life skills (including managing money, budgeting, shopping, living alone) for women, where women have been subjected to extremes of control, they may never have handled money, had an ATM card, or door key. We are in the process of developing a bespoke accredited training programme for BME women: Surviving to Thriving which will enable survivors to independent lives
  • Peer support– our Saheli Network was set up to promote mutual support; increase social networks and reduce isolation for women survivors. The Saheli group offers mentoring from women survivors, mutual support and opportunities to fill the family and cultural void left when women escape abuse, with others who have been through it survived, and lead independent lives.
  • Simba Group– similarly offers peer support, social and fun activities as well as therapeutic support for children and young survivors of domestic abuse
  • Education and training opportunities-training and development programmes in English for Speakers of Other Languages, Literacy, Numeracy and Personal Development are all aimed at strengthening survival skills and supporting women to build positive lives

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