Angelou Youth

Angelou Youth is a young women’s BME group who meet regularly and engage in cultural and social activities in a girl only supportive environment. Aiming to develop confidence, self-esteem and resilience, as well as widen cultural and social opportunities for young women who are often excluded from mainstream youth services the group also supports vulnerable young women. Girls/Youth Group work has been taking place at the Angelou Centre for over 10 years and in that time has developed culturally appropriate ways to support diverse BME young women, especially those who are vulnerable or come from socio-economically deprived backgrounds.

  • Early intervention support for young BME women who have been subject to abuse
  • Holistic support especially for young women at risk
  • A safe culturally appropriate girl/young women only space
  • Referral pathways to other services and advocacy where needed (eg health services)
  • Extended opportunities and visibility for excluded young BME women
  • Access to youth provision that young BME are not able/allowed or feel it is not safe to access elsewhere
  • Development of BME young women’s profile and identity in the city

Angelou Youth also provides culturally sensitised intercultural and advocacy support and recovery for BME girls and young women who have experienced sexual exploitation and abuse or are at immediate risk of sexual exploitation and abuse. This includes Intervention and awareness raising around children’s sexual exploitation with vulnerable BME girls and young women at certain risk, or with lifestyle risk indicators/vulnerabilities.

For further information please contact or telephone 0191 226 0394.

Mahila Mandal

Mahila Mandal is an elder BME women’s group that meets on a weekly basis at the Angelou Centre for social and intercultural activities. A well established group (who have been meeting for over 20 years) Mahila Mandal has been active in participating in consultations and forums about the support needs of BME women elders as well as participating in cookery, exercise and heritage activities.

For further information please contact or telephone 0191 226 0394.